French Naval Commandos

French Naval Commandos

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The Naval Commandos (French: Commandos Marine) are the special forces of the French Navy. They are made up of ~500 members, mostly based in northwestern France (Brittany), with several bases across the country for specific training needs. The Naval Commandos are nicknamed bérets verts (Green Berets). They operate under the Naval rifle and special force Command and the French Special Operations Command.

The Naval Commandos were formed during World War II in Great Britain modeled alongside the British Commandos To remember this the beret of the French naval commandos and riflemen is worn pulled to the right with the badge wornoverthelefteye,theopposite of all other French units. Its manpower came from the Fusilier Marins.It took part in the Normandy Landing on D-Day under command of Commandant Philippe Kieffer.

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